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Nasim Rezvan, social network of the holy shrine of Razavi

Windows & IOS users can use Nasim Rezvan web application (pwa)

Web version

Nasim Rezvan facilities

Messenger of Nasim Rezvan

Send and receive messages, chat environment to friends and acquaintances, create groups and channels, subscribe to the holy shrine channels at high speed and everywhere.

Shrine programs

List of programs and ceremonies of the holy shrine, including the title and subject of the program, place and time of the event, the name of the speaker or eulogist, current and future programs in the Nasim Rezvan application

Razavi TV

Live broadcast of the holy scenes of the shrine of light and heaven, with the intention of appealing to the site of Imam Reza (as), the possibility of remote pilgrimage and viewing the holy shrine has also been provided.

Vicarious pilgrimage

If you want the God of the shrine of Imam Raouf, in this heavenly paradise, by reciting a pilgrimage letter, to tie your prayers to its steel window, all you have to do is make an intention and register your pilgrimage request.


Quds Calendar

Pilgrim services

Cultural and advertising

Pilgrim welfare affairs

Guide to entering the shrine

Answering religious questions

Cultural competitions

Razavi Education


Cultural services and programs

Vicarious pilgrimage