Razavi Holy Shrine Guest House

Guest House of Imam Reza (as)

The eighth Imam's guest house offers tens of thousands of presses of holy food to the pilgrims and the neighbors of the shrine of Imam Raouf in three meals a day. Dear pilgrims and neighbors can book blessed food through Nasim Rezvan site and application.

How to book online registration
Meal Breakfast, lunch, dinner
Number of bookings National code 1 time
Location of the inn Ghadir courtyard

About the guest house of the shrine of Imam Reza PBUH

Historical history shows that hospitality in Astan Quds Razavi has been common since the ninth century AH, but the evidence obtained dates it to the Safavid period. The guest house of Astan Quds in the Safavid period was called the pantry and had endowments, including the Shah's bath in the Chaharbagh neighborhood in the bazaar and next to the mosque, 72 of them.

Reserve food for Imam Reza shrine with national code

The easiest and best way to prepare holy food is to install Nasim Rezvan application. Nasim Rezvan application is a multi-purpose guide that provides you with all the necessary instructions for visiting the shrine of Imam Reza. If you have a religious question or you even want to be informed about the special programs of the shrine, the time of lectures, etc., you will easily get the answers to your questions through this application.

After installing the Rezvan application, enter personal information such as mobile number, national code, etc., and after receiving the special code sent by SMS, enter the application. Enter your national code and that of your companions in the field meal section and select the most appropriate time from the suggested dates. If all dates are full, try again at another time. In case of successful reservation, your invitation will be specified from the software.

Training to register the holy food of the holy shrine of Razavi

Pilgrims and neighbors of the holy shrine of Imam Reza PBUH can book Hazrat food through Nasim Rezvan site and application. The hospitality of the shrine of the eighth Imam offers several thousand meals a day for breakfast, lunch and dinner to his friends. Each mobile number can book food for 9 people with the national code, which is taught in the following how to book food:

1- Enter Nasim Rezvan application or enter the Holy Shrine Services Counter. 2- Enter the guest house section. If you need to log in, log in via your mobile number 3- Choose a meal. If the meals you want are full, come back at another time. Meals will be charged every hour. Enter your national number or that of your guests. Food can be booked once with each national number. 5- With a mobile number, you can book food 3 times, that is, for 9 national numbers. 6- Food reservation with any national number is limited and it is not possible to cancel, so please use the reserved food. 7- After booking food and registering the national code at the appointed time, refer to the holy shrine guest house located in Ghadir courtyard.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Can be run without the need for internet (after the first run) Very low volume (the whole part of the Quran uses less than 2 MB of internet traffic (excluding the sound of verses and the sound of translation) and it is only for the first time and next time the volume of internet usage Not possible, except for audio and translation (smart update) (in future updates only modified parts will be downloaded and updated again)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • In what ways can I reserve the Prophet's food?

    Currently, it is possible to reserve the food of Imam Reza (as) only through the application and Nasim Rezvan website.

  • How many holy foods can I reserve?

    One reservation can be made with each national code, and you can book three national food codes through Nasim Rezvan website and application.

  • When is it time to serve meals in the holy shrine?

  • Is it possible to cancel the reservation food?

  • Where is the guest house of Haram Motahar?

  • Is it possible to take Hazrari food out of the inn?

    Yes; If you wish, you can receive food outside.