User privacy policies

Nasim Rezvan is a secure and completely private platform for communication and messaging. The privacy of users in Nasim Rezvan is fully respected.


We know that system security is important to users. Therefore, we do our best to plan and try to maintain the security of your information. We maintain physical, technical and administrative security standards to protect your information against loss, misuse, unauthorized access, leakage or alteration. The security measures we use include securing infrastructure software at various levels, firewalls, data encryption, and controlling physical access to the data center.


We never share subscriber information with anyone.

Save information

Only the data needed to function properly is stored. Of course, this is the case as long as you use the program. If you delete your account in Nasim Rezvan, all your information will be deleted.

Cloud-Based Messenger

Nasim Rezvan is a cloud service. Videos, documents, images and other content sent and received in your chats are stored securely on cloud servers, and you can quickly access them with any device you connect to Nasim Rezvan.


When you delete a message, it is deleted from your device memory. This means that a copy of your message is still displayed on the server for the recipient. If that recipient also deletes the message, the message will be deleted from the server altogether. </

Of course, you can also delete the message in two ways, and the message will be deleted for both you and the recipient at the same time.

We want you to have control over what you publish in Nasim Rezvan. For example, we allow you to delete messages even after you send them (that message will be deleted for you, your friend, and our service).

Storing messages is of no benefit to the program and requires maintenance costs.


Nasim Rezvan uses your phone number as a unique identifier for easier access to the program. Of course, we will notify you of this access at the time of installation.

To connect with you and your friends, we store your contacts to notify you when they join the app and to connect with you. We store only your contact number and name from your contacts, and this information is kept completely private and confidential and is not shared with any individual or organization.

Delete information and account

If you want to delete the account, you can refer to the deactivation page.

Deleting an account includes deleting all groups, contacts, messages. It is not possible to return after deleting the account.

Delete inactive user accounts

Maintaining inactive user accounts is costly for Nasim Rezvan and hard disk space is very valuable to us. If you stop using the program or do not log in to your account for 9 months, your account will be deleted with all the contents and any files and documents that are in the cloud servers (cloud).